Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We are Eastchester Community Action Partnership (ECAP) a component of Westchester Community Opportunity Program, Inc (WestCOP) is a private non-profit organization created to help individuals and families in need.

What is our mission?

As a non-profit organization, our mission is to mobilize and efficiently manage resources through partnerships and collaborations to help the low income and at-risk populations in the Hudson Valley Region; and thus achieve greater self-sufficiency.

How much food do we provide?

We allow individuals to choose from the daily donations we receive.  Plastics bags are provided.

Once a month our food pantry distributes between 3-6 bags of food such as fruits, vegetables, and fresh packaged meals.

Where do the clients come from?

We serve the residents of  Eastchester, Bronxville and Tuckahoe.

We also serve any person/family from any community that needs emergency food.

How many people do we serve?

Daily 20-30 individuals come in to get food items. Monthly we served 115-125 individuals for our pantry. We distribute 250-300 Thanksgiving Baskets yearly.

How do clients qualify for food?

Our daily food distribution requires no qualification. Our Monthly Pantry and Thanksgiving Basket require Registration, Proof of Address, Proof of Income, and Photo ID.


How often may clients receive food?

Clients come in 1-3 times daily for basic needs and once a month for a fully stocked food pantry.

Where does the food come from?

The food we distribute daily is donated by local business and some chain restaurants.  Some of these restaurants include: Stop & Shop, Trader Joe’s, The Fresh Market, Cheesecake Factory and more.

The food distributed during our monthly food pantry is purchased through The Foodbank for Westchester.

The food for our Thanksgiving Baskets are provide by local individuals, businesses, schools, and churches from the community.

Where does the money come from?

The money is given to ECAP through grants we apply for from Shoprite, The Foodbank for Westchester, and Stop & Shop.

Are we tax-exempt?

Yes we are tax exempt and all donors can receive an in-kind form to use towards their taxes.

Where does our money go?

Any and all funds go towards the maintenance of the pantry which include purchasing of food and maintaining equipment.

When was the Pantry founded?

The pantry opened 30+ years ago from local businesses.

Call us:

(914) 337-7768

Find us: 

142 Main Street Tuckahoe NY 10707

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